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My Sure Signal is working but not with my phone. What can I do?

Here are some reasons why your Sure Signal may not be working with your phone

You’ve recently upgraded and been given a new SIM, or had your SIM replaced

It can take up to two hours for your Sure Signal to recognise a new SIM. If you still experience issues after two hours, log in to My Vodafone to remove and add your number again.

If the number is the registered owner of the Sure Signal, you'll need to temporarily transfer ownership to another number. Log in to My Vodafone to do this. Then remove and add your number, and change the ownership back to your number

Check if your number is registered on the Sure Signal

Your number needs to have been added to your Sure Signal for it to work. You can check this in My Vodafone. If the number you're trying to use doesn't appear, choose Add user and enter the new number. You need to be the owner or administrator of the Sure Signal to do this.

Check if your phone is compatible

Your phone will need to be able to use 3G to connect to the Sure Signal.

If you’re using a 4G phone and experiencing problems, you may need to turn off 4G to use your Sure Signal. For help with changing your network preferences, use our Device Guides

If other devices had no problems connecting, there could be a fault with your phone. Read our repairs FAQs for help.

If you’re having problems with multiple devices connecting, use our troubleshooting guide for help.

Is your SIM card working?

Put your SIM into a different 3G phone and see if you can connect to the Sure Signal. If your SIM picks up a 3G signal, you’ll need to check your original phone.

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