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What can I do with Vodafone on my Amazon Echo or Dot?

Bill questions

If you’re a Pay monthly customer, you can get information about your account using the Vodafone Skill.
Please note: you can only access the account details for the number connected to your Echo device.

For example, you can ask:

"Alexa, ask Vodafone, when is my bill due?"
"Alexa, ask Vodafone, how much data have I used?"
"Alexa, ask Vodafone, how much is my bill?"
"Alexa, ask Vodafone, what allowances do I have?"

General help questions

You can also get answers to general help questions. This applies for Pay as you go customers as well.

Try saying:

"Ask Vodafone, how do I set up my Sure Signal?"
"Ask Vodafone, how do I activate my SIM?"
"Ask Vodafone, how do I top up my phone?"
"Ask Vodafone, how do I set up the Vodafone Skill on Alexa?” 

Need help getting the Vodafone Skill set up on Alexa?

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