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How do I access the Vodafone Skill on my Amazon Echo or Dot?

First enable the Vodafone Skill in the Alexa companion app on your mobile device, as you would with any other Skill. You’ll then get one of two options:

  • If your mobile device is connected to the Vodafone network (either 4G or 3G), your details will be securely passed into Vodafone ID, meaning we’ll link to your account automatically
  • If your mobile device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, you’ll be asked to enter your phone number. To validate this, we’ll send a security code to it. You then simply enter the code on the screen,  and your Amazon Echo or Dot will be linked to your Vodafone account

If something goes wrong in the initial account linking process, the Vodafone Skill will send you back to the companion app to try again.

Please note: we can only link to Pay monthly accounts at this time.

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