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What can I do with Vodafone using Google Assistant?

You have many useful options once you’ve connected Google Assistant to your Vodafone account. To activate the Vodafone Action, you’ll need to start with saying "Hey Google, ask Vodafone", then you can ask one of the following questions.



“How do I setup my phone for the internet?”

“My phone has no signal. What should I do?”

“What’s my phone number?”

“How can I top up my phone?”

“How can I enable data roaming?”

“How can I check my balance?”

“How do I pay my phone bill?”

“How do I cancel my Pay monthly contract?

“How do I switch off content control on my mobile device?”

“Why can’t I log in to My Vodafone?”

“How do I check how many Rewards points I have?” 

“How do I use my Rewards points and claim my Reward?”

“How do I set up or activate my SIM?” 

“How do I check my voicemail?”

“How do I reset my voicemail PIN?”

“How do I set up Wi-Fi Calling?”

“How do I start a Web Chat in the My Vodafone App?”

“How do I buy a data pack?”

“How can I buy Big Value Bundle?”

“How do I transfer photos, contacts, music and videos from my old phone to my new phone?”

“How much will it cost me to use my phone abroad?”

“How much will it cost me when I go to [name of country]?

 “I want to speak to customer services.”


Account related questions:

“How much is my bill?”

“How much was my last bill?”

“What are my current charges?”

“When is my bill due?”

“Why is my bill less than last month?”

“Why is my bill more than last month?”

“How much data have I used this month?”

“What is my data allowance?”

“What is my bill cycle?”

“How much data do I have left?”

“When does my contract end?”

“Show me your terms and conditions.”


You can also just say "Talk to Vodafone" with no follow up question to get the welcoming message.

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