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How does Vodafone OneNumber work?

How does roaming work with Vodafone OneNumber?  

Our network will support roaming on your primary and secondary devices, and you’ll share the same roaming experience on each of your connected devices that you would on your Pay monthly mobile plan, as long as your secondary device has roaming capabilities built in.

So if you take any of your devices to one of our Global Roaming Roam-free destinations, you’ll be able to use that device just as you would in the UK. And any out-of-plan charges that you accrue while roaming would show as a single roaming charge across all your devices.

Can I send picture messages with Vodafone OneNumber?  

Unfortunately, the multi-device technology that supports Vodafone OneNumber doesn’t allow for MMS picture messages to be sent. You can, however, still send and receive pictures and videos using 3rd party apps and or iMessage

Can I use Vodafone Passes with Vodafone OneNumber?  

Unfortunately, the multi-device technology that supports Vodafone OneNumber means that Vodafone Passes can’t be added to your plan. If you need to give your plan a bit more data each month to enjoy your favourite apps and entertainment, you can always add a Data Extra

How do calls show up on my Vodafone OneNumber devices?  

Making a call

Any outgoing calls will only show in the call history of the device you made the call from. So, if you called from your secondary device, such as a smart watch, your call would show there, but not on your primary phone.

Receiving a call

Any incoming calls will only show in the call history of the device you took the call on. So, if you answered a call on your secondary device, such as a smart watch, the call would show there, and may, but not always, show as a missed call on your primary phone.

Missing a call

Any missed calls will show up on all of your devices.

Can I make emergency calls from my secondary OneNumber device?  

Yes. However, unlike with other OneNumber services where the primary number is the one that is used to make the call, the emergency services contact centre will be presented with the ID of the secondary device – this may cause confusion if this number is read back to you by the operator.

Similarly, if the emergency operator needs to call you back, all of your OneNumber devices will ring, not just the one you used to make the initial call.

Can I apply bars to my secondary devices on Vodafone OneNumber?  

When you set up a secondary device like a smart watch on your OneNumber plan, it will inherit any bars and services which are applied to your primary device. If you already had bars on your secondary device, these will be overwritten by the bars on your primary one. Any new bars that are added will then be applied to all devices on your account.

Because these bars are set at account level, you can’t have different bars on different devices. So you couldn’t for example, bar your secondary device from being able to make international calls without barring your primary device, too. The only exception to this is the lost and stolen bar, which is only applied on the SIM card that is reported missing.

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