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  • My device has been lost or stolen – what should I do?

    Let us know as soon as possible 

    The sooner you tell us your device was lost or stolen, the sooner we can block your SIM and your device’s IMEI (or serial) number. This stops anybody else using it and racking up call charges – what we call ‘unauthorised use.’

    The quickest way to report your device as lost or stolen is to fill out our lost or stolen form

    Can’t use the form? Start a chat with us, or give us a call.

    Lock and wipe your device 

    As well as changing passwords on any email, banking or social media accounts, you should protect your data by locking or wiping your device. Here’s how it works for Apple and Android:


    If you’ve activated Find my iPhone, you can switch Lost Mode on. This lets you wipe your device remotely and suspend Apple Pay. If you don’t have Find my iPhone activated, change your Apple ID password.


    If you’ve downloaded Google Find my Device, you’ll be able to lock and erase your device, as well as write a custom message and contact number on the screen.

    Can’t lock or wipe your device? Don’t worry. Just make sure you contact us as soon as you can.

    Report theft to the police 

    The police will give you a unique crime reference number. You’ll need this to claim on your insurance. 

    If you have Vodafone Insurance 

    Call our team as soon as you can to open a claim: 

    • From the UK: 0333 304 3346
    • From abroad: +44 7836 191 191

    Standard call charges apply. 

    If you have insurance with a different provider, get in touch with them. 

    Unblock your number 

    When you let us know your device has been lost or stolen, we’ll block your number. We do this to stop any unauthorised use on your account.

    If you have a replacement device, SIM or both, there are two things you’ll need to do to start using your account again:

    1. Activate your replacement SIM
    2. Unblock your number

    When you’ve completed these two steps, you’ll be able to use data, call and text as normal.

    I’ve managed to get my stolen device back

    If this is you, there’s another step you need to take – remove your device from our redlist

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