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When do I need to do a SIM swap ?

A SIM swap allows you to transfer your existing number to a replacement SIM. You’ll need to swap your SIM if:

  • Your device was lost or stolen – report this to us first
  • You’ve upgraded or have a new device and need a different size SIM
  • Your current SIM is damaged

If you’re not sure what size SIM you need, take a look at our guide. You can order a replacement blank SIM in store or order one by speaking to an adviser on Live Chat
If this applies to you and you have a blank SIM already, you can find out how to do a SIM swap here
If you’re bringing a number over to us from another network, or switching from Vodafone Pay as you go to Vodafone Pay monthly you don’t need a SIM swap, you need to complete a keep my number request
If you want to move your Vodafone Pay monthly number onto Pay as you go, speak to one of our customer service advisers on Live Chat.

If you have a replacement SIM as part of an upgrade from Carphone Warehouse, the SIM will be activated and pre-swapped so you won’t need to do a SIM swap.