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I’m upgrading with Vodafone – what do I need to know?

Check if you need to swap your SIM

  • If your existing SIM fits your new device, you can keep using it. You can dispose of the inactive replacement SIM we sent you with your upgrade
  • If, however, your current SIM is the wrong size for your new device, you may need to snap out a smaller SIM from your multi-SIM
  • If your current SIM doesn’t fit your device, use the new SIM we sent you with your upgrade, and activate it using this video guide on how to complete a SIM swap
  • If you need a new SIM and we haven’t sent you one yet, we’re sorry – please visit your nearest Vodafone store or contact us to get a replacement SIM

Transfer your content

Please note – if you’re changing SIM because you’re getting a new phone, you’ll have to transfer any content from your old phone to your new one.

Billing and discounts

  • If you receive a discount because your employer is part of the Vodafone Advantage scheme, then you’ll need to reapply for your discount
  • You can get more information about your first bill after upgrading
  • You can find out more about what to expect from your agreement with Vodafone once you’ve upgraded, by watching our Welcome video

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