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I’m upgrading with Vodafone what do I need to know?

You may need to complete a SIM swap if you have upgraded to a new device which, requires a different size SIM to your old device.

However, if your existing SIM fits your new device you can use your current SIM in your new device and you won’t need to do a SIM swap. We also recommend that you dispose of the inactive replacement SIM we give you.

If you need a new SIM for your device and we didn’t send you one, we’re sorry. Just pop into your nearest store or contact us for a replacement SIM.

Transfer your content

Please note – if you’re changing SIM because you’re getting a new phone, you’ll have to transfer any content from your old phone to your new one.

Next Steps

  • You will need to re-apply for any employee discounts
  • You can get more information about your first bill after upgrading here
  • You can find out more about what to expect from your agreement with Vodafone once you’ve upgraded in our Welcome video.