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Can I keep my existing mobile number? What do I need to do?

Keeping your current number when you join us is easy.

Just ask your existing network for a PAC code - give it to us and your current contract will be cancelled and your current number brought over to Vodafone.

Get your PAC with a text or online

To get your PAC code, text PAC to 65075 free from the mobile you want to switch.

Or you can log in to your account with your current network provider and ask for a PAC code.

Give us your PAC to switch

When you have your PAC code, give it to us to complete your switch and bring over your current number.

Find out more about how to switch with a PAC or STAC code.

Please note: your PAC is only valid for 30 days, so you'll need to give it to us within this time to port your number over.

Unlock your phone

If you want to use your existing phone on our network, you'll need to make sure your device is unlocked - you can request a Network Unlock Code (NUC) from your old provider.

Switching between a Pay as you go and a Pay monthly plan?

Please check this FAQ for detailed instructions.

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