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What’s the process for getting my broadband installed?

First, we’ll send your Vodafone Broadband router to your home, and confirm the date your service will be activated.

If you need a new phone line installed:

  • The engineer will discuss your options with you, find the best place to fit it and install the new phone socket in your home
  • The installation may take several hours. Once completed, just plug in your phone and router, and follow the instructions in the setup guide that came with your router

If you don’t need a new phone line:

  • Follow the setup guide and connect your router to the phone socket before 8am on the day of installation
  • Leave the router turned on until you have internet connectivity – it should be up and running by midnight on the same day

Throughout both processes, we’ll keep you updated by phone, text or email and will contact you if anything changes with your activation date.

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