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What will I have to pay for if I cancel my Vodafone Broadband order?

If you cancel your order before the end of the 30-day return period but we’ve already started to provide your Vodafone Broadband services, you’ll need to pay for:

  • Line rental
  • Any extras you’ve bought
  • Any services you’ve used that aren’t covered by the line rental (such as international calls or premium rate calls)
  • Any activation, installation, connection or other service and maintenance fees you agreed to when setting up your Vodafone Broadband services

Please note: these charges cover the period up to the date your service is cancelled.

We will credit back on a pro-rata basis. 

For example:

If you pay £24 on 1 August for your broadband and landline package but you cancel your service on 15 August, you’ll then be credited for the period between these two dates.


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