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How will Vodafone assess my returned phone?

If you wish to return or exchange your device within 30 days, we’ll make a series of checks to assess its condition.

1. What we check:

  • Accessories and user guides are included
  • The device switches on
  • The screen works
  • Cosmetic condition
  • Security or protective features have been disabled (such as ‘Find my iPhone’)
  • The device is not reported as lost or stolen


2. How we grade your device for damage:

  • Grade A: no visible marks, dents or scratches
  • Grade B: no more than three light scratches (under one centimetre) on the body of the device
  • Grade C: no more than three marks, dents or scratches which, are easily visible or can be detected by a fingernail
  • Grade D: dents, cracks and deep scratches, screen is smashed, parts are missing, there is water damage, security or protective features are enabled, or the device is reported as lost or stolen

If your device is graded as C or D we are unable to offer a return or exchange.