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How can I protect my children when they use their mobile device?

Some parents feel out of touch with the technology that young people are so familiar with. Our Vodafone Digital Parenting guide will help you get to grips with the risks, opportunities and challenges of a digital world. It’ll also enable you to understand how your children are using technology, and how you can get more involved.  If you do decide your child is ready for a mobile, here’s how we can help:

Managing your costs

  • With Vodafone Freebees you can get great value on Pay as you go and control your child’s spend up front
  • If you choose a Pay monthly plan, the My Vodafone app is ideal for keeping track of their usage via the phone itself - or you could use My Vodafone on your phone or computer
  • Red+ gives you one data allowance to share between your family’s smartphones and tablets
  • You may also want to stop your child from accessing premium rate services or making electronic purchases. You can do this with the following:
    • Premium rate call bar
    • Premium text message bar - incoming and outgoing
    • Charge to bill bar (stops donations to charities or buying apps, games and music)

To add or remove any of these bars, as well as bars that stop the phone being used abroad - or to call or text international numbers, contact us

Protecting your child

  • All of our new connections come with the age-restricted content bar switched on. This means your child won’t be able to access areas of the internet that aren’t suitable for young people.  However, if the Pay monthly or Pay as you go SIM isn’t new, it’s worth checking that the bar hasn’t previously been lifted. Find out more
  • As adult-only content is sometimes sold as premium rate text messages or in apps, games and music, we’d also recommend using the bars listed above
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