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How do I find out what operating system version I have on my phone?

You can usually find out which operating system version your mobile is using in your settings, where you can also update your software.

Alternatively you can follow the steps below to see what version you have and whether you need to update your software:

  • Go to our device guides
  • If this is your first visit select Phone from the Device Type drop down, choose your manufacturer and model
  • You may already have a device selected which you can change
  • Choose ‘Basic functions’ in the topics
  • Then choose ‘Software Update’
  • You will see an FAQ called ‘Update phone software’ with step-by-step guidance


Simply follow the instructions if you’d like to update your software.

Note: You should only do this if your phone is either fully charged or on charge. You won’t have to pay for the update, but unless you’re connected to Wi-Fi, downloading the update may incur data charges.

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