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Which discounts and plans are included in the Vodafone Advantage scheme?

The Vodafone Advantage discount is available on 12- or 24-month Pay monthly plans, including SIM only plans. The discounts are:

  • 15% off Pay monthly phones, iPad or tablet plan, including Vodafone Outlet offers
  • 15% off any 12-month Pay monthly SIM only plan

Note: There’s a £10 membership fee for joining the scheme.

The Vodafone Advantage scheme discount applies to Pay monthly plans only. The discount can’t be applied to plans that are already discounted or part of another promotion. It doesn’t include Mobile Wi-Fi or Data Dongle plans, business plans or any charges outside your monthly plan allowance.

The discount will remain in place until one of these things happens:

  • The account is upgraded
  • Your minimum term expires
  • The agreement changes
  • The number changes

At this point, you’ll need to re-apply for the discount.

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