My number hasn't moved over

We aim to move your number within two working days of using the hub (Monday to Friday), as long as we receive your request by 4pm.

If it’s a weekend or a bank holiday, these two working days begin on the next working day.

The transfer usually happens between 11am and 5pm, but sometimes can take until midnight. 

You would’ve filled this form out when you joined us, or just after.

If it’s a landline number you need help with, or you’re putting your Vodafone number onto a new SIM, start a chat with us. 

Why’s my temporary number still showing in the My Vodafone app?

If you want to see the number you’ve moved over in the app home screen:

  1. Switch off your WiFi so your app is connected to our network
  2. Close the app
  3. Wait a few seconds, then open the app
  4. The app should detect the number you’re moving across and show it on the home screen
  5. If it hasn’t, try restarting your phone then reopening the app

If you’re still having trouble, start a chat with us.