How do I change my PAC or STAC?

If you have one mobile number on your account, you can text us for free - if you know your Vodafone PIN

If you only have one mobile number on the account, just text us with the code you want and your My Vodafone account PIN (it’s free to do so):

  • Text PAC + PIN to 65075 - for example, PAC 1234
  • Text STAC + PIN to 75075 - for example, STAC 1234

Remember to include a space between the code and your PIN.

How do I change my PIN?

If you’ve requested a PAC and you need a STAC, or vice versa you need to log in to My Vodafone:

  1. Once logged in, choose Settings
  2. Select View on the plan you wish to switch code for
  3. Under Manage SIM and switching, choose Switch to another network
  4. Choose View my existing PAC or STAC requests
  5. Here, you can choose which code you want to change

Make sure you give your code to your new mobile provider within 30 days, or it'll automatically expire.