Will switching my network impact my other Vodafone services?

Yes – though it depends on what other services you have with us.  

Vodafone Together 

If you want to switch your mobile service to another provider but keep your Vodafone Broadband plan, you’ll lose your Vodafone Together discount and your monthly broadband bill will be adjusted. 

Vodafone Entertainment 

If you have an Entertainment Pack included in your phone plan (e.g. Spotify) it’ll be cancelled when you switch network providers.

Vodafone OneNumber 

If you have a multi-SIM device – like an Apple Watch – that you use with OneNumber, you’ll need to attach it to another mobile number. 

To get help with this, give us a call.

Bear in mind that there might be some extra costs to pay when you switch.

V by Vodafone 

If you switch your mobile service to another provider, you’ll lose service on the device connected to your V by Vodafone account at the end of your billing period. 

To keep using your V by Vodafone device, you’ll need to re-register it in your V by Vodafone app. 

Once you re-register, all your data will be deleted and you’ll have to set up your device as new – this includes a credit check. 

Vodafone Red Sharer 

If you’re the leader on a Red Sharer account, call us before you switch network so we can restructure your account. 

If you don’t call us before you switch, future bills could be affected. 

Charge to Bill 

If you pay for any products using Charge to Bill, they’ll stop being charged to your monthly bill when you switch mobile providers. You’ll need to set up a different payment method if you want to keep them. 

Big Value Bundles 

If you switch your mobile service to another provider while a Big Value Bundle is still active, you’ll lose any minutes, texts and data you had left to use. 

Make sure you cancel any recurring payments you have set up with us, or you might continue to be billed.


If you switch your mobile service to another provider while you have an Extra active, you’ll lose any allowances you had left to use.  

Use them up before you switch, and make sure you cancel any direct debits you have with us – or you might continue to be billed. 

Xtra plan 

If you’re on a Device Plan, your phone or watch is paid separately from your Airtime bill. You can switch networks and continue to pay for your device as you do today.

If you have insurance on your Device Plan, this will continue to be paid even when your Xtra Plan is cancelled, until you pay off your current Device Plan. Want to cancel your insurance?