Can I transfer my account to someone else?

You can choose to transfer your account to someone else as long as:

  • You’ve paid off your airtime and device loans in full
  • The person you’re transferring to is aged 18 or over and gives permission for both a credit and identity check

After we’ve received your transfer request, it takes:

  • 24 hours to transfer personal and sole trader accounts
  • Five working days to transfer small business accounts

Broadband accounts can only be transferred between personal accounts or between business accounts.

EVO plans

You can only transfer your number and EVO plan – your Device Plan will have to stay in your name as this is a credit agreement. You’ll also need to pay off your Device Plan in full before requesting a transfer. 


If you’re looking to upgrade after the transfer is complete, you can upgrade to a SIM only plan after seven days. However, to start a new Device Plan you’ll need to wait 90 days.


Once your Device Plan has been paid off, your insurance will be cancelled, or you can choose to cancel your insurance at any time

If you don’t have an active Device Plan, your insurance will be cancelled automatically and will not transfer to the new owner. The new owner can discuss their insurance options with the team by calling 0333 304 3346

Transfer your account 

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