How will my bill be calculated when I leave Vodafone?

If you’ve cancelled your Pay monthly plan with us, you’ll be charged up to the date we disconnect your service.  

If you don’t have any other services with us, you’ll get your final bill within 30 days of the date you’re disconnected. 

Your final bill will include:   

  • Usage in your last month – we’ll work out how many days you were connected
  • Out-of-plan usage 
  • Roaming charges 
  • Extras – for example a recurring Data Extra 
  • Early termination fee if you cancel before your plan end date 
  • It might include a credit for any days of your plan that you’ve paid for, but didn’t use 

You might have to pay us after we’ve disconnected your service. For example, Direct Debit payments are usually taken up to 10 days after your final bill has been created.   

Please don’t cancel your Direct Debit with us, as your final bill could have partial charges or a refund.      

Understanding your billing dates  

We always bill you for the month ahead. If you leave us, we’ll send you a final bill which’ll credit you for any days of your plan you’ve already paid for, but didn’t use.