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  • My mobile device has no signal. What should I do?

    What problem are you having?

    Bad signal or reception 

    No signal at all 

    It might be something our end❗️

    First, check whether there's an incident or any maintenance happening on our network.
    This might be what’s weakening your signal.
    Check network near me

    Things that affect signal and reception

    • Your distance from a mobile phone mast
    • The thickness of the walls in a building
    • Bad weather, like strong winds or heavy rain

    Use WiFi to make calls 🔧

    If you’re somewhere with bad signal or reception and you need to make or take calls, you can always use WiFi instead. WiFi Calling is free to set up and won’t cost you anything extra to use.

    Set up WiFi Calling now

    Still need help? Chat to a human

    It might be something our end❗️

    First, check whether there's an incident or any maintenance happening on our network.
    This might be what's stopping you from getting signal.
    Check network near me

    Not our network? Try these steps 🔧

    1. Check you’re all paid up

      Sometimes, if you’re on a Pay monthly plan, things can go wrong with your bill payment. 

      For example, you might have got a new bank account and forgotten to give us your new details. In this situation, we wouldn’t be able to take payment for your bills, and they’d go unpaid.

      If, for any reason, you have unpaid bills against your plan, we might have to stop your service. This would mean that you wouldn’t be able to get any mobile signal until you can pay us back.  

    2. Turn on flight mode

      If your device isn’t getting any signal, something’s stopping it from connecting to our network. 

      Turning on flight mode reboots all the behind-the-scenes parts that make it possible for your device to connect itself to our network. 

      When you take your device back out of flight mode, you might find that whatever was stopping you from getting signal has been fixed by the reboot. 

      If you need help with flight mode, we can show you how to use it. First, tell us what device you have 

    3. Restart your device 

      If flight mode didn’t work for you, it might be that you need to do a full reboot. 

      The way to do this is to simply turn your device off, then back on again – you’d be surprised how many glitches this old fix can sort out.

      Let’s give it a try. 

    4. Check you’re connected to Vodafone

      Sometimes, a device can auto-connect to the wrong provider’s network. This will stop your data from working. 

      Try opening your device’s network settings and manually selecting Vodafone from the list of available providers. 

      If you’re not sure how to do this, we can show you. To get started, choose your device

    5. Check your APN settings are right

      Your Access Point Name (APN) settings contain all the info your device needs to connect itself to our network.

      If these aren’t right, your device won’t connect to our network – and you won’t get signal. 

      It sounds complicated, but it’s quick and easy to reset your APN settings. To get a step-by-step walkthrough, choose your device

    6. Try your SIM in another device

      You’ll only be able to try this if you have another Vodafone device you can use – maybe a friend’s or a family member’s. 

      Take the SIM card out of your device and put it in the other. 

      If you can get signal just fine with your SIM in the other device, your own device might have a hardware fault that’s stopping you from getting signal. 

      If this is the case, start a chat with us so we can talk you through what to do next.

    Still need help? Chat to a human. 

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