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What do the details on my bill mean?

You may come across some of the following terms on your bill:

2 months no extra data charges

This is your Data Test Drive. Some plans offered unlimited data for the first two months.

Billed usage

This is the price of your plan per month plus any extra charges, such as charges outside your allowance or JustTextGiving donations.

The total billed usage cost will be your most recent bill in My Vodafone

Unbilled usage

This covers any minutes, texts or data you’ve used since your last bill which we haven’t charged you for yet.  These costs will be included on your next bill as Billed usage.

Out-of-plans or extra usage charges

These are charges for any minutes, texts or data used which exceed, or are not included in, your monthly allowance.

You can view these on My Vodafone, under itemised usage.


‘Call forward unconditional’ is when all your incoming calls have been redirected to another number (this can be mobile or landline). This is charged by either taking the minutes from your monthly allowance, or at our standard rates

It’s free to redirect calls to your voicemail.


This is any credit which has been added to your account.

Payment administration charges

If you don’t pay your bill by Direct Debit there is a small administration charge covering payment by credit cards, cheques and cash.

Service charges

This is the basic monthly charge for providing your phone service and includes your agreement and any subscription services like Vodafone Covered insurance.

Inclusive allowance

This is what’s included in your plan – normally a combination of minutes, texts and data.

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