How do I change or renew my Big Value Bundle?

If you’d like to change or renew the Big Value Bundle (also known as Pay as you go bundle) you’re using, first head to our bundles page to choose which bundle you’d like. Once you’ve decided, make sure you have enough credit on your account for your chosen bundle. If you don’t have enough credit, visit our top up page to top up online first.

When ready, just text the bundle code (you’ll see this underneath the plan details on the bundles page) to 49501, free from your Vodafone mobile. For example, if you want to purchase a £10 bundle, just use the code BVB10. 

Once you’ve changed to a new bundle, you’ll be charged the same amount every 30 days unless you change again or remove that bundle. 

If you buy a new bundle before your existing one ends, your current data allowance will be replaced with the new bundle allowance – you won’t be able to carry over any remaining data.