How do I remove my Big Value Bundle?

If you’d like to remove your Big Value Bundle (also known as a Pay as you go Bundle), simply let us know by starting a chat with us, calling 4354 free from your Vodafone mobile, or speaking to an adviser in one of our stores

If you’d like to use your Big Value Bundle until your current 30-day period is up, you can stop it from auto-renewing using the My Vodafone app. To do this:

  1. Open the My Vodafone app and select the Plan button on the homescreen
  2. Then, choose Change plan
  3. You'll be asked to enter and confirm your mobile number – enter this and select Continue
  4. Select the Opt out button underneath your bundle details
  5. We'll text you a security code - enter the text you receive into the Security code box, then select Continue
  6. Select Remove this Big Value Bundle

Once your bundle is removed from your account, you’ll lose any remaining data, plus your unlimited minutes and texts, and you’ll start paying our standard Pay as you go rates