How long will my Entertainment Pack subscription last and what happens when it ends?

Your subscription is the same length as your plan, usually up to 12 or 24 months. If you activated your Entertainment Pack partway through your plan, it will still end when your plan does.

When your inclusive period ends, we'll text you your options. If you don't do anything, your subscription will automatically renew, and you'll be charged by your chosen entertainment provider.

For Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify and YouTube Premium, you’ll see the charge on your Vodafone bill.

For Amazon Prime and NOW TV, you'll enter into a monthly rolling contract directly with them. If we’ve added a NOW Boost pass to your account, it will stay active until the end of its 16-month period. If you cancel your subscription, your pass will be lost.

For Sky Sports Mobile TV, when your subscription comes to an end, it will switch to Charge to Bill.

If you chose to take out a new Vodafone contract, you can choose from our Unlimited plans - some of which include entertainment.