How much will it cost to use my phone abroad?

Heading abroad this year? Use our handy Charge Checker – Roaming tool to check how much it’ll cost to use your data, minutes or texts while roaming.

We’re changing the number of Vodafone Pay monthly plans that include roaming in our European Zone, for our personal and business customers. If you’re on a Pay monthly plan that started before 11 August 2021, there will be no change to your plan, or to the way you roam, while you stay on that plan. 

Roaming in Europe will still be included at no extra cost in handset and SIM-only Xtra Plans with 4 Xtra benefits.

From 11 August 2021 onwards, if you join Vodafone or upgrade/migrate to a new plan without inclusive European roaming, there will be a daily charge for roaming in our Europe Zone, from 31 January 2022.

Find out how much it’ll cost if you go over your UK data allowance while abroad