My plan’s coming to an end. What happens next?

When you’re nearing your plan end date, we’ll let you know by text or email – and also tell you about your different options. 

Carrying on with your current plan

If you want to carry on with your current plan, you can. 

This means that, when your plan ends, your allowance of data, minutes, texts and anything else you’ve added on will continue on a rolling basis until you upgrade, switch to a different plan or cancel your plan altogether. 

You’ll be billed exactly the same as you were before. 

Upgrading your plan

To see your upgrade options:  

  1. Open the My Vodafone app
  2. Tap the Data tile – this takes you to the Usage tab
  3. Choose Upgrade 

Cancelling your plan

Find out how to cancel your plan

Got another option in mind? 

No problem – simply start a chat with us so we can talk through it.