How do I set up my Apple TV?

Before you start

  • New to Vodafone Broadband? Set up your WiFi hub and content controls before plugging in your Apple TV
  • Make sure you have a HDMI cable, as this is the only way you can connect your Apple TV to your TV
  • If you’re using a wired connection for your Apple TV, you’ll also need an Ethernet cable
  • If you’re using WiFi, you’ll need your WiFi username and password – these are on your router
  • Please note, the 3 months free Apple TV+ offer is not available if you or your Family have previously accepted the 1 year free Apple TV+ offer

Step 1: Connect your HDMI or HDMI2 cable to your Apple TV 4K as below. The HDMI cable is not included, so you might need to buy one

Connecting your HDMI or HDMI2 cable to your Apple TV 4K











Step 2: Connect the power cable, turn on your TV and Apple TV 4K box

Step 3: Follow the steps on screen. I need an Apple ID

Step 4: All done. You can now start streaming.

I can’t see my 3-month free Apple TV+ subscription 

How long do I have to activate my Apple TV+ subscription? 

I need more support 

Make sure your Apple TV software is up to date by selecting Settings > General > Software Update.

If you still can’t see your Apple TV+ subscription, select ‘Explore Apple TV+’. This should bring up your offer.

After set-up, you have 3 months to subscribe.

Please visit Apple Support