How do I set up and manage my voicemail?

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Your voicemail inbox is automatically switched on. Call 121 from your Vodafone mobile to listen to voicemails and record personal greetings.

If you have Visual Voicemail, select Voicemail, then press play. Check if you can get Visual Voicemail

If you’re a Pay monthly customer or have a Pay as you go Bundle, calling 121 will use minutes from your allowance. If you have no remaining minutes or you’re in a roaming zone where you can’t use your plan like at home, standard call charges apply.

We recommend you set up a security PIN so that only you can access your voicemail. You’ll also need it to access your voicemail from abroad.

To add voicemail to your line, call us on 08080 034 515 (free from landlines and mobiles). We’ll have it ready for you in three days.

Then, when you’ve got a message, you’ll hear an intermittent dial tone when you next go to make a call. Just call 1571 (free from your home phone) to hear your messages.

The first time you call 1571 you’ll hear a message explaining how to use your voicemail. Your messages will then be played back to you in the order they were received. You can store up to 10 messages after listening to them. Any messages you haven’t played will be stored for 10 days before being deleted.