Can I get Visual Voicemail?

With Visual Voicemail, you can easily manage your voicemails without dialling into your voicemail service.

For Visual Voicemail to work 

  • You’ll need an iPhone 5s or a more recent Apple device
  • You’ll need to be running iOS 12.0 or a more recent version
  • Your mobile data needs to be turned on
  • There are some exclusions based on your plan type (i.e. customers on One Net or Vone-C and NMR, as they use a different voicemail platform)
  • Turn your phone off and on again to activate Visual Voicemail
  • To check that Visual Voicemail is working, leave yourself a test voicemail

If your Visual Voicemail isn’t working 

  • Text STATE to 100121, then restart your device
  • Check that voicemail is turned on by calling 121
  • Try turning airplane mode on, wait a moment, then turn it back off again
  • Try restarting your device
  • Try removing Visual Voicemail and then adding it back to your account. Call 12152 to remove it. Finish the call, then call 12151 to reinstall it
  • Make sure you have the correct number in the My Number section in Settings under Phone

If you’re still having problems, start a chat.