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What happens and when during the AppHelp Office 365 email migration process?

  • You’ll be sent a pre-migration form to fill out with information about your source environment. This will help the AppHelp migration experts plan your migration to the cloud.  If you need some help completing the form, you can get in touch with a migration expert by phone or online by using the link available in My Apps in the Business Marketplace.
  • You’ll agree a time for the migration to happen.
  • You and your employees will receive alerts and email updates with steps that must be completed throughout the migration (it’s important that everyone follows these instructions or the migration might get delayed). 
  • After the migration, you as Company Administrator will get a tutorial on how to create user profiles and assign licences through the Vodafone Business Marketplace, plus a chance to ask questions and request reference materials.


What will be migrated by AppHelp? 

It depends on the email server that your business uses.  The most common items to be migrated include emails, contacts, and calendars.

Once you’ve purchased AppHelp and linked to it from My Apps in the Business Marketplace, you’ll receive a migration form to complete. This will list all items available to you to migrate.

How long will the migration take? 

The duration of your migration depends on several factors, including the number of accounts, the amount of data and the network connection. Usually, the process takes from a few hours up to a few days to complete.

Will I be able to use my email during the migration? 

Yes, you’ll be able to send and receive emails throughout the migration process. However, you shouldn’t modify the folders in your account or change your password during this time.

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