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  • How do I invite a new Company User to the Vodafone Business Marketplace?

    Only the Company Administrator can invite new users to the Vodafone Business Marketplace and manage their licences.

    Invite a user or multiple users 

    • Log in to your Vodafone Business Marketplace account
    • From the menu, choose the Manage, this will take you to the Dashboard page
    • To invite one user, add their email address (1), then click Invite
    • To invite more than one user, choose Invite Multiple (2)

    • Enter the user’s email address. The role will default to User
    • Click Send Invitations

    Upload a list of users 

    Note: if the user already has a Marketplace account with another Company, they will receive a mail asking them to accept the invite.  Once accepted your company will be added to their profile.

    1. Click Upload Email List
    2. Upload file requirements and format
      • File size should be less than 2 MB
      • Single Column plain text (*.txt) file
      • One email per line
      • Maximum of 2,000 lines
    3. Click Choose File then choose the text file you want to send
    4. Click Send Invitations
      • The user will get an email asking them to activate their account.

    Resend or revoke pending invitations 

    1. You can check the status of user invitations to see if the accounts have been activated. You can choose to resend the activation email, or revoke the setup.
    2. From the menu, choose Users
    3. Select Manage Invitations (1). This will show you a list of the pending invitations
    4. Select Resend or Revoke – you’ll receive confirmation this has been completed

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