Why hasn't my Vodafone Business Domain started working yet?

It could be because you haven’t verified your email address.

  • If your domain is a gTLD (generic Top Level Domain) and followed by .com, .net, .org, .info, or .biz, you’ll have been emailed from the domain registrar asking you to verify your email address
  • If you no longer have this email, you can request it to be resent using the Live Chat button at the end of this FAQ
  • If your domain is a ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) and followed by .co.uk, .co.org, or co.ltd you don’t need to verify your email address. You can start the verification process with Google Workspace or Office 365 as soon as you receive the confirmation email from us with your domain details

If you have completed these steps and your domain is still not working, contact us using the Live Chat button.