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How do I set up and use G-Suite?

Setting up G-Suite 

When you purchased G Suite from us, you should have received an email with your temporary log in details. The link in the email will take you to My Apps in the Vodafone Business Marketplace where you can set up pages in the Google Admin console. From here you can connect and verify your domain, choose which G Suite apps to install and assign licences to your Company Users.

Microsoft also offer online Google support guides to help you get set up and use G Suite.

Need help migrating your email? You can purchase expert advice using our AppHelp option. This will give you access to a real-time expert who will talk you and your team through the entire setup process.

Adding a domain name to G-Suite 

If you already have a domain
If you’ve already purchased your own domain from a domain registrar, you can add this to your G Suite platform. You’ll need to provide this to us as part of your purchase journey and then verify your domain as part of the G Suite setup process.

If you want to buy a domain
You can buy your domain for G Suite from us as part of your purchase through our sales team or your account manager.
Once you’ve purchased a domain, follow the If you already have a domain process to start using it with your app.

How do I add G-Suite on a mobile device? 

You can take your office with you while you’re on the move and access the G Suite apps that your business uses directly from your mobile device.

Add G Suite to your mobile device

How do I access G-Suite if I am an employee or company user? 

We recommend that you set up your internet browser, email and calendar first. Use the G Suite checklist for new users if you need some help.

Accessing G Suite:

  • Log in to the Vodafone Business Marketplace
  • Go to My Apps
  • Select the G Suite icon

If it’s your first time logging in, you’ll be taken to the setup page. Once your setup is complete you’ll see a dashboard view which will show you the apps that are available to you

How to get to the dashboard

How do I change a G-Suite name and address? 

If you’re a Company User, your Company Administrator can do this for you

If you’re a Company Administrator, you can change the username and email address directly within the Google Admin console

Storing and sharing files on G-Suite 

One of the best ways to set up file storage and sharing for your business on G Suite is to use Drive cloud storage. This is ideal if you have a small business with fewer employees.


You can run reports to monitor usage activity for each app. You can see what people in your business are using, such as storage used and last access time.

Please note, depending on the G Suite package you’ve purchased some reports may not be available.


Google maintains an updated list of common known G Suite problems and offers workarounds where identified. We recommend you check these first before raising an issue with us. 

You can also use these G Suite diagnostic tools

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