How do I cancel my business account?

Before you go

We’re sorry you’re looking to cancel your business account. Maybe there’s something we can do to change your mind? 

If you think there might be, either start a chat with us or give us a call. 

Or, if you’ve got an Account Manager, get in touch with them. 

Cancelling your business account

Everything you need to know about cancelling your business account – including any costs for leaving early and how your final bill will be calculated – can be found on our cancel your account page 

Switching to another network provider? 

If you’re a small business, you can take up to 24 mobile numbers with you when you switch to a new provider. To do this, you’ll need a PAC or STAC switching code from us

If you have an Account Manager get in touch with them so they can help you with this. 

If you’re a larger business (50+ employees), you should be able to get your switching code by logging in to Vodafone Corporate Online (VCO)

If you don’t have an Account Manager or access to VCO, start a chat with us to get your switching code.