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How do I manage users in Lookout?

Enrolling users 

The way you enrol users will depend upon how your mobile environment is managed.

1. Admins of unmanaged environments (without any Mobile Device Management, or MDM), such as Lookout for Small Business, will need to send email invitations directly from the Lookout console. You can do this by selecting Enrol devices in the menu of the Lookout console. 

2. Admins of managed environments (with Mobile Device Management, or MDM) – will need to set up a connection between the MDM and Lookout. The Lookout application can then be pushed to users from your MDM software. 

Once users are successfully enrolled and have completed the activation steps on their device, it will appear under the Devices tab in the Lookout console. 
The enrolment status for each pending user can be found under Enrolment > Invite Management in the Lookout console. Reminders can also be triggered from here. 
Set up and configuration guides for specific managed environments can be found within the Lookout enterprise support page . You may need your Lookout admin credentials to access this

Adding administrators 

Log in to your Lookout admin console and navigate to System then Settings. Here you should have the option to select Manage admins.

Select Add new admin at the top right corner of your admin console and enter the details of the person you want to add as an admin. This will instantly generate a welcome email and send them a request to log in to the console as an admin.

Activating users 

Once the user invitation has been sent from the Lookout admin console, the user will receive an email to activate Lookout for Work on their iOS or Android mobile device.

Using their mobile device, the user should copy the activation code included, and click the Install Lookout for Work link in the invitation.

Once they get to the app store they should download Lookout for Work and paste the activation code from their email when prompted. They will now have successfully activated Lookout for Work.

Troubleshooting: If the user is not receiving emails, ask them to add to their address book.

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