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How do I set up and use Lookout?

How do I log in to my Lookout admin console? 

The Lookout admin console can be accessed at any time by clicking here, or the My apps section in Vodafone Business Marketplace.

What permissions does Lookout require? 

Android permissions required include: contacts, phone, storage, location and VPN. - iOS permissions required include: location, notifications and VPN.

More information on why these permissions are required can be found on page 4 of your supporting datasheet

How do I purchase additional Lookout licenses? 

You can manage your subscription and add more licences within the Manage Apps section of Vodafone Business Marketplace.
Any licences added to an existing subscription will finish at the same time as the original subscription term.

What should I do if Lookout discovers a threat? 

When Lookout identifies a threat the user will receive an alert from the Lookout for Work application.
To remediate the threat the user should select Take action, which will remove the threat from the device. The action will vary depending on the nature of the threat.
For example, you may be prompted to remove a harmful application or to block a potentially malicious web page while browsing online.
Once the threat is successfully removed the Lookout for Work application will confirm your device health and let you know that everything is safe.

Does Lookout collect or use my personal data? 

Lookout has been developed with your privacy in mind. Lookout does not collect data generated by employees using these apps, such as images, audio, video, or text content.  
Lookout collects and analyses only the data it needs to identify and mitigate risk. 
Additional information on privacy terms can be found in the more info section of the Lookout for Work application.

Can I install Lookout on more than 1 device? 

Using the invitation email sent by the Company Admin a user can install and activate Lookout on more than one device – but each device will use a separate licence, so the user should seek permission from the administrator first.

How do I configure Lookout to automatically stop at-risk mobile devices from accessing my corporate resources?  

With either Microsoft 365 (Intune + Azure Active Directory) or with Google’s G-Suite and Cloud Identity products, you can configure Lookout’s Continuous Conditional Access policies to automatically stop at-risk mobile devices from accessing corporate resources.
You can find the relevant configuration guide here.
You may be required to log in to the support page with your Lookout admin credentials.

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