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Troubleshooting issues with Lookout

What do I do if I didn’t get my Lookout welcome email? 

Once your Lookout subscription is created in the Vodafone Business marketplace the Lookout welcome email should be sent to you within a couple of minutes. Please check your spam and trash folders if this has not arrived in your inbox. The email will be titled ‘Welcome to Lookout’ and will have been sent by Lookout rather than Vodafone Business. If you still can’t find your welcome email, the most likely reason is that your email address was processed incorrectly during the order process. Please contact us and we will amend the email address and resend the Lookout welcome email.

Will Lookout work if I am using another VPN? 

To keep you safe while browsing online Lookout requires its own VPN to be active. Any existing VPN on the mobile device will need to be overridden for Lookout’s phishing/safe browsing protection to work.

What is the battery impact of Lookout? 

The Lookout for Work application has an average daily battery consumption of below 1%, even while Lookout is working continuously to keep your device secure in the background.

How do I fix the error ‘unable to establish a connection with the Lookout server’? 

If you get the error ‘unable to establish a connection with the Lookout server’ when setting up your MDM connector, it is probably because Lookout IPs (Internet Protocols) are not yet whitelisted by your company network. You can find the list of Lookout IPs that need to be whitelisted by you or your IT department here.

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