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What are the Microsoft admin accounts I can see in SkyKick? 

SkyKick Cloud Backup uses Microsoft global admin accounts to facilitate the backup and restore processes for Vodafone Cloud Backup. Please note: Deletion of these global admin accounts may result in backup and restore delays or failures, so please consult an adviser if you need to make any changes to them.

What happens if someone tries to restore a file from a deleted folder? 

If someone tries to restore a file from a deleted folder, the folder will automatically be recreated. In the case of subfolders the minimum folder structure needed to access the file will be recreated.

Are SharePoint permissions backed up? 

No, Sharepoint permissions are currently unsupported.

What happens to the backup if a user leaves a company and I delete their Office 365 subscription?  

If a user leaves the subscription and you delete their Office 365 subscription an alert with the subject ‘Backup [Site/Mailbox] not found’ will be generated. This notifies you that the backup may have been deleted.

If you want to go ahead with the deletion, we recommend disabling the backup in your subscription to avoid being charged for a licence you are no longer using. The data will be retained based on the retention policy you have set for the subscription. Alternatively, you can change the user mailbox to a shared mailbox before removing a licence. This will ensure that the data is not deleted and no licence is required for shared mailbox.

However, if you would like to back up shared mailboxes you will need to purchase additional SkyKick licences.

Can we switch to a different Azure storage account? 

Unfortunately, we currently don't support the transfer of a Cloud Backup subscription to another Azure storage account. If the customer would like to use a different Azure storage account a new subscription must be created.

Do you support Multi Factor Authentication? 

We do not currently support Multi Factor Authentication,* but an update to our access method is being developed, which will allow for token-based access and the use of Multi Factor Authentication. SkyKick currently uses Google Authenticator for Multi Factor Authentication.

Vodafone Cloud Backup is not able to find a new site collection – how do I solve this? 

In order to back up Office 365 and Teams, please visit SkyKick, where your site collection will appear. If Vodafone Cloud Backup is unable to find a new site collection, this may be because the SharePoint service speed is throttled by Microsoft. We recommend waiting 24 hours, as this should allow plenty of time for the newly created site collection to appear after the next backup cycle.

What should I do if an email or file can’t be found? 

The file you are trying to find may be part of a resource that has been disabled in your subscription, which means backups are no longer being processed. Re-enable the resource and a backup job will be automatically queued. Tips for finding items:

  • If performing a search query, use asterisks to widen the search results. For example, *searchterm*
  • If you are manually searching through files, the item will exist in the folder of its last location


I can no longer find my user mailbox in the subscription, where should I look? 

When a user mailbox is converted to a shared mailbox (or vice versa), the Cloud Backup platform will detect the change and update the mailbox type in the subscription. You will need to navigate to the appropriate section of the subscription to find the recently converted mailbox. Go to Mailboxes > Shared Mailboxes > Shared Resources to find a shared mailbox.

I deleted my Cloud Backup admin account – what should I do? 

If you deleted your admin account, please rest assured that it will automatically be recreated – but this may take some time. To speed up the process and perform a restoration please contact our support team on Webchat or email us at Alternatively, you can call us on 03333040181 and reference ‘marketplace.’

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