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How do I connect to Vodafone HelpLogin?

On your phone

BlackBerry®, Symbian, Windows Mobile - our support team will help you download and install the Vodafone HelpLogin app.

Android™ - the Vodafone HelpLogin application comes pre-installed on some Android devices.

Apple iOS devices - you can access Vodafone HelpLogin directly from the web browser.

Once the Vodafone HelpLogin application’s installed, they’ll give you a unique 6-digit PIN. Enter this to set up a secure connection so they can share control of your device and attempt to resolve your issue.

* Due to technical constraints with the Android and iOS operating systems, some features of Vodafone HelpLogin may not be available on these devices.


On your PC or Mac

Windows PC or Apple Mac - our support team will give you a 6-digit PIN to enter

Then you’ll be prompted to download a single-use application to make the connection.

Once you’ve done this, a support team member can share control of your computer and start helping you fix the problem. Just delete the file when you’re finished.

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