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What is Rural Open Sure Signal and who can use it?

What is Rural Open Sure Signal?

Rural Open Signal or the #ROSS100 project was set up to bring reliable 3G mobile signal to 100 UK rural communities that have limited access to mobile networks.

Communities had to apply to be part of the project. Application criteria included having little or no existing mobile coverage and a sufficiently fast broadband service (at least 4MBps) to support Open Sure Signal. Applications have now closed.

Successful communities had a cereal box-sized device fitted to the side of a local building. So, communities can receive calls, texts and get online within range of the device (up to 500 metres).

Who can use it?

Anyone can connect to a unit if they’re within range, providing they’re a Vodafone customer with a 3G device.

Need any more information?

We’ve no plans to remove the units, so communities will keep them for the foreseeable future. The units will remain the property of Vodafone UK.

You can find out more about the project and view the shortlisted communities online.