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How do I set up conference calling?

With conference calling, you can speak to up to six people at the same time – ideal for organising events or discussing business. 

Pay monthly and Business customers can start a conference call. Pay as you go customers are unable to start a conference call but can join one already in progress. You can invite other people to a conference call no matter what network they’re on – including mobiles and landlines.

How do I set up a conference call?  

You’ll need to get in touch with us to make sure you have conference calling set up on your mobile. You also need to have call waiting turned on. 


• Call the first person you want to invite
• Press Add call (if you're using an Android device, you may need to press Menu to see this)
• Call the second person you want to invite
• Press Merge Calls to join everyone together

To add more people, just press 2 to put the conference on hold, then call the next person and press 3 to add them.

What else can I do on a conference call?  

Drop a caller: If you started the call, just press 1, followed by the number of the caller and then press SEND. For example, if you want to drop the third person who joined, press 1, 3, SEND.

Take or make a private call during a conference call: Press 2, SEND – this lets the other people in the call continue without you. You can then make and receive calls as usual.

To swap between your call and the conference call: Press 2, SEND. To end your call and go back to the conference, press 1, SEND.

End the conference: To end the conference for everyone, press 1, SEND.

How much does conference calling cost?  

It’s free to join a call.

If you set up a call, you’ll be charged for all the calls that you start and this will come out of your call allowance. For example, if you set up a call with two other people which takes 15 minutes, you’ll be charged for 30 minutes.

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