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What can I do about nuisance calls?

Sales and marketing calls

We recommend registering your mobile number with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), which creates a central record of your preference not to receive unsolicited sales or marketing calls.

Simply text the TPS your email address to 85095 free from your Vodafone mobile, and they’ll reply by text to confirm your registration. Some Android devices may say that you’ve been charged for the text. This isn’t the case.

Not all companies check with the TPS before making unsolicited sales or marketing calls. We monitor our network for nuisance callers and shut them down as we find them. You can help us by reporting those numbers that are causing you a nuisance. Just text CALL to 7726 free from your Vodafone mobile, and we’ll reply by text to ask you for the phone number you’re receiving the nuisance calls from.

International nuisance calls

Are you getting frequent missed calls from international numbers? This could be Wangiri fraud. Find out more

Harassing or abusive calls

If you’re getting abusive or harassing calls, you can refer them to our specialist Nuisance Call Bureau. This team will give you advice and create case files to start criminal investigations, where appropriate.

Simply follow these steps:

Vodafone Premium Bar

To bar calls to premium services:

  • Log in to My Vodafone
  • Go to Services and extras and switch the bar on

Alternatively, you can get in touch using the following options. 

Self-service by