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What can I do about nuisance, spam or marketing texts?

Nuisance and spam texts can be a real problem – here's some advice on how to report and stop them.

Spam vs. marketing messages

Unlike marketing messages, spam texts are those you haven’t signed up for. They often come from unknown senders and companies.

  • Forward the spam text message to 7726, our free reporting service which helps us to monitor and reduce spam
  • If you’re receiving unwanted messages from a shortcode (typically a 4- or 5-digit number) then reply STOP. Legitimate organisations will cease sending you any further messages
  • If the message hasn’t been sent from a shortcode and you don’t recognise the sender, we recommend that you don’t reply

If you’re receiving unsolicited messages and you feel they’re in breach of your data protection, you can report this to the Information Commissioner’s Office. Make sure you tell them:

  • The date and time you received the text
  • What the message said
  • The name and/or number it came from

Messages about accident claims can be reported to the Ministry of Justice Claims Regulation. Messages about debt management can be reported to the Financial Conduct Authority

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