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How do I send picture and video messages?

You can send picture and video messages from your phone (sometimes called MMS) to other MMS-capable phones and to most email accounts. They can be up to 295KB in size.

To send a picture or video message from your phone, you’ll need:

  • a plan which includes internet
  • to activate Vodafone MMS on your account by getting in touch
  • a phone that’s capable of either picture messaging or video messaging
  • the right settings on your phone.

How do I set my phone up?
You can get the right settings for your phone from our phone help centre. For most phones you can choose ‘Send settings by text’ and we’ll text them to you.

How do I send a picture message?
This depends on the make and model of your phone – just go to our phone help centre, find your phone and choose the Media tab, then 'Sending stuff to my friends'.

How do I send and receive picture messages when I’m abroad?
If you’re abroad and the local network can handle picture messages. Go to travelling abroad and, if we list a picture message cost for a country, you can use picture messages there.
Sending a message from the UK to an international number costs the same as to the UK, but we can’t guarantee how other networks will handle messages.

What if the number I send a picture message to can’t receive it?
If the number you send a message to doesn’t have picture messaging set up, or if their phone can’t handle picture messages, then it’s no problem. With Vodafone Get My Photo, they’ll get a message with a link to a website where they can securely see the picture or video you sent them.
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