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I'm having problems with picture and video messaging

I’m having problems with picture messaging. How do I fix it?

First, try our picture message troubleshooter.

If that doesn’t work, there are two other things to check:

  • Phone settings – go to our Your device and choose ‘Send settings by text’ for your phone.
  • Account settings – we need to have activated your account for picture messages – get in touch  to make sure it’s set up.

I’m having a specific problem – what shall I do?
Getting 'Unallowed: Not Provisioned Yet' when you try to send a picture
This message means you need to get your account set up for picture messages, get in touch  and we’ll make sure it’s set up for you. 
If you’ve done this in the last 48 hours and are still getting the message, just turn your phone off for ten minutes and then turn it on again – that will normally sort things out.

Using picture messages with Vodafone Email Plus 
Sometimes there’s a problem with connections not updating automatically.
On your phone, go to the Network status page, click Options and then choose Disconnect. Now try to send a picture message. If it works, you’ll need to do this to send picture messages, and then go back and re-connect to the internet when you want to use your email again.