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My phone has no signal. What should I do?

  1. Check the coverage in your area

    You can check your local network status for any planned maintenance or unexpected issues. If there are no known issues, try updating your network connection by restarting your phone
  1. Check the settings in your device
  • Check your device isn’t set to a slower network band or mode. See our device guides for detailed instructions.
  • Sometimes, connecting to another network and then switching back to Vodafone can fix the issue. See our device guides for detailed instructions.
  1. Check your SIM

    Try your SIM card in a different phone and see if the problem persists. If it doesn’t, you may have a faulty device
  1. Use Wi-Fi Calling

    This allows you to make and receive calls using your home Wi-Fi network, find out more

We always want you to be happy with our network, so don’t forget – we also offer a Network Satisfaction Guarantee