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How much does it cost to use data, make calls or send texts when I’m abroad?

Roam-free destinations

You can use your plan exactly as you would at home in our 48 Roam-free destinations. This means you can use data, call or text at no extra cost. This is available to both Pay monthly and Pay as you go customers.

Roam-further destinations 

In our 104 Roam-further destinations, you can choose to pay £6 a day on top of your usual plan cost to call, text and use data. You won’t pay anything to receive calls or texts.

If your device is switched off or you don’t use your plan on a given day, you won’t be charged. 

Roam-further is only available to Pay monthly customers.

Another destination  

If you’re travelling somewhere that isn’t a Roam-free or Roam-further destination (or you’re a Pay as you go customer without Roam-further access), you can find out exactly how much you’ll pay to use data, call or text on our travelling abroad page

Just enter the country you’re visiting into the search bar.

If you want to find out what it’ll cost to use your phone on an aeroplane, or a ferry or cruise ship, search for either ‘airlines’ or ‘maritime’ respectively. 

Roaming on unlimited 

All unlimited data plans are subject to a roaming cap of 25GB a month in inclusive Roam-free or Roam-further destinations. 

Roaming on 5G

If you have a 5G-enabled phone and plan, you’ll be able to roam on 5G abroad where networks are available, and it won’t cost you a penny more than roaming on 4G.  

I want to call or text another country 

If you’re in the UK but want to call a non-UK number, you can check how much it’ll cost you


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