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How much does it cost to use data, make calls or send texts when I’m abroad?

Costs vary depending if you're on Pay monthly or Pay as you go.
Take a look at the costs on our Travelling abroad page using the 'Where are you travelling to?' search box. 

Please note: If you bought a Red Entertainment plan with a phone on or after 15 August 2018 you will also benefit from the ability to use your UK allowance* in our 48 Roam-free destinations, and another 29 Global Roaming Plus destinations – at no extra charge.

Should you use your home plan in other Roam-further destinations you can use as much of your UK allowances as you like* – and you will only be charged £6 a day on the days you use your device – so if your device is switched off you won’t be charged. You also won’t be charged for receiving calls or texts. If you’re roaming anywhere else, you’ll simply pay our standard roaming rates

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