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Does my data cap apply when I have Vodafone Global Roaming?

UK data cap  

If you’ve already activated a UK data cap, it’ll work the same way when you use data in our Roam-free and Roam-further destinations. 

If you want to put a cap on your data usage to stop you going over your allowance, you’ll need to let us know. The quickest way to do this is in the My Vodafone app. From the homescreen, simply choose the Manage bars and Extras tile. Then, go to Buy and manage Extras > Roaming.

Data caps are only available if you joined us or upgraded your plan on or after 5 May 2016. If you bought your current plan before this, we can’t cap your data – but we can let you know when you reach 80% and 100% of your data allowance.

Roaming data cap  

If you’re roaming in our Roam-free, Roam-further or Rest of World destinations, any out-of-plan data usage is automatically capped at £39.33 a month. 

Unlimited data plans cap  

All unlimited data plans are subject to a roaming cap of 25GB a month in inclusive Roam-free or Roam-further destinations.

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