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Does my data cap apply when I have Vodafone Global Roaming?

UK data cap

If you’ve activated a UK data cap, it'll also apply in our Roam-free and Roam-further destinations. However, this is switched off as standard and you’ll need to switch it on to avoid exceeding your UK allowance when using any data services, such as browsing, streaming or using apps. You can enable or disable your data cap in the My Vodafone app or by logging into My Vodafone online.

Please note: this cap is only available if you joined or upgraded on or after 5 May 2016. If you bought your plan before 5 May 2016, we can’t cap your data, but we’ll let you know when you’ve reached 80% and 100% of your allowance.

Roaming data cap

If you’re roaming in our Roam-free, Roam-further or Rest of World destinations, any out-of-plan data usage is capped automatically at £39.33 (€50) and you’ll need to turn off your roaming data cap to continue using data once.

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