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How much will I be charged if I go over my UK data allowance and have Vodafone Global Roaming?

If you go over your UK data allowance – or ‘out-of-plan’ – while you’re in one of your inclusive roaming destinations, you’ll be charged the same rates as in the UK

The total amount you can be charged is capped at £39.33 a month. You can turn this off in the My Vodafone account or My Vodafone app

Unlimited data plans fair use limit

All unlimited data plans come with a data cap of 25GB a month.

So when you take your Unlimited Lite, Unlimited or Unlimited Max plan abroad, you can use up to 25GB of data a month. This includes your inclusive roaming destinations and Roam-further destinations where you pay £6 a day.

We'll text you when you've used 80% of your 25GB, and again when you've used it all.

We’ll also tell you how to buy more roaming data. You can buy as much as you like at:

  • £3.95 for 1GB
  • £19.75 for 5GB
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